M&A Business Brokering and Advisory Services

Business mergers and acquisitions are both delicate and time-sensitive transactions. Being able to fully appraise the value of assets, the skill sets of employees, existing liabilities, and more takes knowledge and experience. Add to that the need to maintain regular operations during the crucial transition period, and the access to working capital, and it is easy to see why mergers and acquisitions need a careful and direct strategy to be completed successfully.

ABC Commercial Capital has the years of experience and depth of knowledge to guide business owners through mergers and acquisitions of all sizes. Our M&A business brokering and advisory services offer a full spectrum of features, including:

Asset & Resource Analysis

Any merger or acquisition needs to have a full analysis of assets to see which ones will be beneficial after the transaction, and which ones can be let go to recuperate some or all of their inherent value.

Succession Planning

ABC Commercial Capital will help you create strategic solutions to ascertain new leadership after a merger or acquisition to ensure growth.

Restructuring Expertise

Our team has helps to establish and run for-profit ventures leading up to, and after mergers and acquisitions. Our M&A advisory team can identify and provide solution that will benefit all parties involved, including investors and stakeholders.

Transition & Logistics Planning

One of the most delicate aspects of any acquisition or merger is the transition period after the transaction. Identifying assets and redundancies, as well as creating a plan to make sure all the pieces fall into place logically and smoothly are our specialty.

Put Our Expertise to Work for You

ABC Commercial Capital understands that every merger and acquisition is unique. Our M&A advisory team will lend their expertise to your next merger or acquisition, regardless of size or scope. Contact our offices today to learn more.